Kostić Foundation, the dance company of choreographer Jelena Kostić, is  seeking two new board members: a general board member and a chairman. 

About the position

We are looking for board members who have:

  • Affinity with dance, (dance) film and/or performing arts. 
  • Decisiveness, creativity and enthusiasm.
  • A broad network in the film and/or performing arts sector, and the willingness to use this for the benefit of the foundation, is a plus.
  • An eye for the system of cultural subsidies and current affairs in the cultural field is a plus. 

For the position of chairman, we are also looking for someone with:

  • Administrative and liaising qualities.
  • Sufficient time to prepare and lead meetings.

The board aims to convene 4 times a year, follows the guidelines Code Cultural Governance and subscribes to the Fair Practice and Diversity & Inclusion Code.

We invite everyone to apply, regardless of age, gender and cultural background.

About Kostić Foundation

A theatrical dance language that takes your breath away. That exposes human fears and desires. That has guts, and demands boldness from the performers. In the theatre, on film, outdoors and at special locations. In hometown Tilburg, nationally and internationally.

Stichting Kostić was founded in 2009 by choreographer Jelena Kostić. The strength of Jelena’s work lies in the combination of dance and film, and the way she combines narrative mechanisms from the different disciplines. Her movement vocabulary is an organic whole involving styles as diverse as freerunning and urban sports, club dance, ballroom and catwalk moves.

Stichting Kostić receives multiannual grants from the Performing Arts Fund and the Municipality of Tilburg for the period 2021-2024. 

The board advises at the level of policy, approves (annual) budgets and is ultimately responsible for adequate reporting according to applicable laws and regulations. The members function independently and have an advisory and sounding board function. 

The daily management of the Kostić Foundation is in the hands of the artistic and business director. In addition, the company works with its own production manager, communications officer and sales officer. 


For more information, please contact business director Petra de Haan at finance@jelenakostic.com or +31 6 41780043. 

We would like to receive your CV and motivation letter by e-mail via finance@jelenakostic.com, stating ‘Interested vacancy Board member’.