After a short summer break, we will be back for the Limburg Festival on August 10 and 11. At the Danspromenade, we will be performing the brand-new short performance ‘Fight or Flight’. Fight or Flight will be an important milestone in the creative process of our large-scale the production Unease (premiering in October 2024). Everything we learn, find out in our interaction with the audience, will be taken on board for Unease.

We’re also very proud to be on the Danspromenade line-up together with Stark Ravin’ Mad (Charley Hennessy and Leïs Rahangmetan) and SALLY Maastricht (Sellam El Achari). Together, our performances will bring you a kaleidoscopic view of the world of contemporary dance.

More info on the Danspromenade

10 August | 19.00
11 August | 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00
Location: Roermond
More info and tickets via Limburg Festival