An expressive and theatrical dance language which makes your heart skip a beat; which exposes human fears and desires. Which has boldness, and demands boldness of the performers. In the theatre, on film, in outside and at special locations. In the company’s home town of Tilburg, nationally and internationally. That’s Stichting Kostić in a nutshell. 

Stichting Kostić was founded in 2009 by choreographer Jelena Kostić. The strength of Jelena’s work lies in the combination of dance and film, and the way she combines the narrative mechanisms of these disciplines. Her movement vocabulary is an organic whole in which diverse styles such as free running and urban sports, club dance, ballroom and catwalk moves play an important role.

Umbrella format

Stichting Kostić works with the format of the ‘umbrella’. Various projects in different disciplines originate from a central theme, which Jelena thoroughly researches for a long time. In this way, Dance film Interlude and performance The Bold, The Bound and The Brittle originated from research into women in top-flight careers, and dance film Naar Huis, performance (UN)BOUND and a special stand-alone duet arose from Jelena’s fascination for the duality in our human relationships. From a fascination with tunnel vision and the human capacity for perseverance, Jelena recently created the performances How It Ends, Only Patience Works Immediately and the dance film My Own Worst Enemy

Bold Moves

Jelena Kostić uses the power of choreography in dance, film and theatre. Her mission is to use different media to tell true stories about the life choices we make today. Jelena is known for her visually and physically powerful style that delves deep into the courage and fallibility of human beings. With every movement she creates, she questions our views on success, happiness and fear. 

“With a velvet glove, she squeezes your throat.”

Brabants Dagblad

Board members

The board of Stichting Kostić voor Hedendaagse Kunst consists of:

Pietjan Dusee – voorzitter
Claudia van der Harst – secretaris
Herma Tuunter – algemeen bestuurslid
Yola Parie – algemeen bestuurslid

Remuneration Policy

Members of the board receive no remuneration or fees.
The management and staff are remunerated in accordance with the collective labour agreement for theatre and dance.