With her dancers Blazej Jasinski and Noëmi Wagner, Jelena Kostić is exploring the city of Tilburg in search for inspiring architectural ‘Blind Spots’.

In this performance, the audience walks with headphones and stops at different locations. At each building, a short dance performance is presented, which enters into dialogue with the surroundings. With narration and music through headphones, the audience is also taken into the history, ideas and stories of the designers and users of certain buildings in the city. In this way, buildings are given a story and a new awareness of urban space is created among the visitors.

Blind Spot – Tilburg will be implemented in the summer of 2021. In addition to research on location, intensive discussions are held with architects and experts. We have so far spoken with Thomas Bedaux, Jacq de Brouwer, Peter van Dinten, Dirk van Alphen and Claudia van der Harst of CAST (Centre for Architecture and Urban Development).