There are times when I think I’m seeing, but I’m not
There are times when I think I’m hearing, but I’m not

We often go through life with our senses closed off. With Blind Spot, choreographer Jelena Kostić invites you to look at the urban environment of Tilburg with fresh eyes.

Fresh perspective

When in 2020 people disappeared from the streets and life was turned upside down, Jelena began to see her hometown Tilburg anew. What struck her was the architecture of the city. The shapes, the play of lines, and the untold stories of the city and its buildings. The blind spots we overlook in everyday life, but which can be made visible and tangible through dance.

Four locations

During Blind Spot, visitors go on a guided walk through the city center with headphones on, starting at Theater De Nieuwe Vorst and ending at the Kantongerecht. A voice leads the visitors along four different locations, where dancers enter into a dialogue with their surroundings. They embody the stories and emotions hidden behind the stones, exploring the relationship between people and structures.


“Acrobatics by three dancers formed the spectacular finale to ‘Blind Spot’, a one-and-a-half-hour walk past places where short dance performances were presented. These performances drew attention to places you would otherwise walk past without noticing them.”

– Brabants Dagblad


Choreography & concept – Jelena Kostić
In collaboration with the dancers – Blazej Jasinksi, Isabelle Nelson, Sarah Prescimone en Josien
Voice actor – Maeve van der Steen
Dramaturgic & artistic advisor, concept development – Lou Cope
Repetitor & artistic advice – Judit Ruiz Onandi
Performance text & publicity – Laura Roling
Composer – Dyane Donck
Technicians – Jimmy Niesen en Marvin van de Berg
Production – Andrea van Bussel
Business manager – Petra de Haan
Sales & strategy – Hedi Legerstee
Campaign image – Nataša Radosavljević / Lonneke van der Palen
Scene photography – Milagro Elstak

Made possible with the support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stimuleringsfonds Architectuur, Gemeente Tilburg & Fonds Podiumkunsten

Special thanks to CAST Tilburg, Tilburg Citymarketing, Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, Thomas Bedaux, Jacq de Brouwer, Peter van Dinter & Dirk van Alphen