Laura Stek’s documentary Vluchtval (Flightfall) premiered at the prestigious International Rotterdam Film Festival (IFFR) on Friday 27 January.

In her film, Laura juxtaposes the lives and experiences of 90-year-old poet Jana Beranová , who was only a teenager when she left Czechoslovakia for Rotterdam, and Abdallah Marega, a 27-year-old freerunner who has lived in both Mali and Paris. They have both experienced a free fall in their life, and are still coping with their landing. But where one finds resilience in words, the other uses movement to recover.

Jelena worked as a script coach and choreographer on the film – safeguarding that the movement was executed and filmed in a way that ideally suited this documentary.

Jelena, Laura Stek and Sofie Knijff
Still from the film: Abdallah Marega in Paris