We’re very excited to announce that Laura Stek’s documentary ‘Vluchtval’ – on which Jelena collaborated as a choreographer – was aired on Dutch public television on September 25 and is still available for watching on NPO Start.

A poet in Rotterdam and a freerunner in Paris. One lives primarily at home, in her own head – the other outside, in motion. There is a 65 year age-gap between them and yet they share a strong connection: both of them know what it’s like to be uprooted, and they channel this feeling into art. One with the body, the other with words. Vluchtval weaves Abdallah and Jana’s life stories together through the media of poetry and parkour. Jelena contributed her experience with freerunning and dance on film to the project.

▶︎ View the full documentary on NPO Start

Trailer for ‘Vluchtval’