Over the past few months, Jelena has been working on a Dutch-language podcast about dance and film. In this podcast, she explores the world of dance film in conversations with various professionals, ranging from directors to producers and from programmers to dancers. What does it take to make a dance film, what are the challenges and pitfalls of the genre, how do you finance and distribute a film… Jelena leaves no stone unturned.

First guest: Clara van Gool

Film director Clara van Gool, in whose films movement and dance play a pivotal role, is Jelena’s first guest. She is one of the most important film makers in the field, with work ranging from Enter Achilles (by DV8) to Voices of Finance (2015) and her recent feature film The Beast in the Jungle (2018), which is based on a novella by Henry James.

The podcast is available on Soundcloud, Spotify and Itunes. Episodes will be released monthly.