Dancers Noëmi Wagner and Blazej Jasinski have developed a workshop that focuses on dancing with a dance partner. All the material comes from Kostić performances.

Focus of the workshop

During this workshop Jelena and dancers Noëmi Wagner and Blazej Jasinski will work with a group of dancers on partnering. The partner work is explored and deepened with material from Jelena’schoreographies. How do you really connect with your dance partner in a duet, how do you ensure that you blend together and at the same time retain your own identity, and how do you ensure that you communicate different, contrasting emotions as a pair?

For whom?

The workshop can be tailored to the level and needs of the group of dancers that Jelena works with. The focus can be on connection and expression, or more on the technical aspects of dancing a duet.

Jelena gives workshops to participants of all educational levels: amateur dancers, dance students and professionals. For more information on her custom-made and thematic workshops please contact