Immerse yourself in the creation process and themes of Jelena Kostić’s new performance Losers (premiere autumn 2023). At the Open Studio, Jelena will present work-in-progress scenes with her dancers, and we will discuss the performance’s themes with experts. 

Losers is a performance that focuses on an experience that is familiar to all of us in one way or another: that of feeling like — or actually being — a loser. For the first time, Jelena is striving to incorporate humour into her dance language, making Losers a special and exciting new project. 

The first edition of the Open Studio will take place on Saturday 4 February at 7 p.m. at Club SoDa (DansBrabant) in Tilburg, at the end of a rehearsal and workshopping period with the dancers. They will perform scenes they have worked on in the preceding days. Guests will be Andreas Denk (choreographer and artistic director of Plan d-) and Els Harting (pedagogue, medical social worker and systemic therapist in psychiatry). 

Andreas Denk

Andreas Denk helps Jelena to find humour in her dance vocabulary. As a member of the former Hans Hof Ensemble, which was known for its hilarious magnification of seemingly everyday events, he is the perfect person to talk about humour in dance and movement. 

Els Harting

With years of experience in psychiatry, Els Harting has the necessary insight into the workings of the human psyche. What are the effects of adversity? Is there sich a thing as a winner’s mentality and a loser’s mentality, and does it make a difference? And what happens in our minds when we are about to lose? 

The evening will be hosted by Laura Roling. 

How to register

Attendance is free, the programme lasts one hour. 

You can register via this link. And of course there will be an opportunity to talk over a drink at Club SoDa afterwards.