How much more can we own? How much bigger can we go? Where does our desire for more come from and where is the breaking point? Loading… Your Last Trip shares the exclusive first material of Your Last Trip.

As an audience member you experience a number of scenes in a special setting, while enjoying a drink. We also invite you to a conversation about the issues that are raised and to leave your mark on the further development of the performance.

Your Last Trip will be an open-air performance by choreographer Jelena Kostić and composer Dyane Donck with two dancers and an opera singer. The disciplines of movement and music come together in a circular arena, amidst a web of slacklines strung between cars. A physically and musically impressive performance, in which we, present-day human beings, see ourselves as if under a magnifying glass.


Concept and co-creation – Jelena Kostić and Dyane Donck
Choreography – Jelena Kostić
Composition – Dyane Donck
Dancers – Blazej Jasinski and Noëmi Wagner
Singer – Els Mondelaers
Repetiteur and artistic advice – Judit Ruiz Onandi
Dramaturgy and text – Lou Cope