Going Home

Around the deathbed of father Theo, several of his family members gather. The situation weighs heavily on them and puts a strain on their interactions. Will they manage to get closer together and support each other when it comes down to it?

In the new Branded Cinema production Naar Huis [Going Home], director Harrie Verbeek and choreographer Jelena Kostić, after their previous collaboration on Interlude, once again bring dormant emotions to the surface in a powerful and sensitive dance film.

Actors Huub Smit, Hans Dagelet, Liz Snoijink and Beaudil Elzenga and dancers Patricia van Deutekom, Kim-Jomi Fischer and Rowan van den Boomen portray the troubled family members. The combination of Jelena Kostić’s poetic dance language and Harrie Verbeek’s subtle, natural cinematography guarantees a poignant and moving ‘Brabantse Beauty’.

This film was made in 2018, and was awarded the Publieksprijs at the Zuidelijk Film Festival 2021


Director – Harrie Verbeek
Choreography – Jelena Kostić
Cast – Huub Smit, Liz Snoijink. Hans Dagelet, Patricia van Deutekom, Kim-Jomi Fischer, Beaudil Elzenga, Rowan van den Boom
Production – Branded Cinema
Co-production – Stichting Kostić, Veldkamp Produkties, Omroep Brabant
Production design – Hans Borgman
Costume design – Biljana Grgur
Camera – Richard Spierings
Sound – Jan Wouter Stam
Music – Tom Sikkers
Producer – Monne Tuinhout
Light – Gerard Stam
1st assistant director – Ruut van der Beele
Repetitor – Judit Ruiz Onandi
Editing – Sander Kuipers
Final editing from Omroep Brabant – Lout Donders