In the dance solo A SHORT ODYSSEE | WOMAN you meet a woman on a journey full of wanderings and trials. She is seduced, trapped, hunted and deserted. Her dedication is strung together by many alienating years. Will the oath she once pledged last now she is no longer the same?

In A SHORT ODYSSEE promises and threats come together in a passionate dance and the simple truthfulness and melancholy of traditional Eastern European music.


“Her A SHORT ODYSSEY | WOMAN is an impressive choreography. A feminist approach is undeniable, but this solo full of surprising movement ideas is without political intrusiveness.”

Kölner Kultur


choreography & concept – Jelena Kostić
in collaboration with dancer – Judit Ruiz Onandi
composers – Jeroen Strijbos en Rob van Rijswijk
dramaturgic advice – Thomas Falk, Lou Cope en Pietjan Dusee
light designer – Ellen Knops en Pim Mans

A Short Odyssee is a production of Kostić Foundation, a coproduction with DansBrabant and in collaboration with Strijbos&VanRijswijk.