In preparation of her full-length production A MOOD FOR DEEP LONGING (premiere November 28, 2013) Jelena Kostić made a solo for a male dancer in which a deep-rooted belief in something larger than yourself is the focal point.

In the dance solo A SHORT ODYSSEY | MAN you meet a man who is lost in an inner conflict. His desire for freedom is overpowering , but he is constantly confronted with the promises he made in the past. His dedication is strung together by commitments and disruptions. Will this lead him to the abyss or will he choose to take a leap into the unknown? In A SHORT ODYSSEY | MAN desire and destruction come together in passionate dance and the simple truth and melancholy of traditional Eastern European music.

This production was created in 2013.


choreography & concept – Jelena Kostić
in collaboration with dancer – Blazej Jasinski
Composers – Jeroen Strijbos en Rob van Rijswijk
Dramaturgic advice – Thomas Falk, Lou Cope and Pietjan Dusee
Light designer – Ellen Knops and Pim Mans

A Short Odyssee is a production by Kostić Foundation, co-produced with DansBrabant and in cooperation with Strijbos&VanRijswijk