Jelena Kostić (Serbia, 1976) came to the Netherlands in 1997, where she studied dance at the Amsterdam School of the Arts and the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg. She has worked with dancer Julia Riera, performance artist Roos van Geen and choreographers Wayne McGregor, Conny Janssen and Kristel van Issum (T.R.A.S.H.), before taking the step to choreographing herself in 2008. She set up her own company and worked closely with DansBrabant between 2013 and 2016. During this period DansBrabant supported and advised her on artistic, production, publicity and business matters. Since 2016, Stichting Kostić stands on its own feet.

In her artistic concepts Jelena always looks for the right creatives to shape her ideas and flesh them out. In doing so, she has a talent for scouting people with a certain uniqueness. “I like to work with dancers who have a lot of experience as human beings and can show many sides of a person. I demand a lot from them, but I get back from my dancers that I also give a lot myself, that I am very clear in what I want.”

“For my movement material I am very often inspired by the intensity of (film) images. I want to see that idea fleshed out by bodies. I go on an exploration with my dancers. Even if that sometimes works out unexpectedly for both sides.”

Dance productions

Blind Spot (location performance, 2021)
Only Patience Works Immediately (duet, 2020)
How it Ends (full-length performance, 2020)
(UN)BOUND (full-length performance, 2018)
The Bold, The Bound & The Brittle (full-length performance, 2016)
So Close (duet Blazej Jasinski & Jelena Kostic, 2016)
All About Eve (solo for Miryam Garcia Mariblanca, 2016)
A Mood for Deep Longing (full-length performance, 2013)
A Short Odyssee | Woman (solo for Judit Ruiz Onandi, 2013)
A Short Odyssee | Woman (solo for Blazej Jasinski, 2013)
Yell Penelope (full-length performance, 2012)
Elettra (solo for Miryam Garcia Mariblanca, 2011)
March (full-length performance, 2010)

Film productions

My Own Worst Enemy (2020)
Naar Huis (2018)
Your approval is not essential (2016)
Interlude (2016)
Appearance (2014)