The fight or flight mechanism is our body’s instinctive response to perceived danger, honed by evolution to ensure survival. But what happens if we don’t run, hide, or fight – what world of fascinating truth is there for us to discover if we dare to embrace feelings of discomfort? 

In Fight or Flight, choreographer Jelena Kostić explores different forms of human discomfort: physical, mental and social. Exclusively for the Dance Promenade of the Limburg Festival, Jelena and her dancers will create an intimate, compelling and thoughtful experience with influences of psychological thrillers. In the 2024-25 season, Jelena will develop the full-length performance Unease based on the same theme, which will tour the Netherlands. 


Concept & Choreography Jelena Kostić
Dancers Tijmen Teunissen, Noëmi Wagner, Oscar Magnusson, Emma Zeimen 
Scenography Davy van Gerven
Composition Tom Sikkers
Lighting design
Bart Verzellenberg
Dramaturgy Lou Cope
Artistic advice & repetiteur Judit Ruiz Onandi